December 1, 2022



The principal of Shri Indra Bahadur Singh national Inter College, Dr. Anurag Mishra is a real teacher, preecher & true mentor for the students,their guardians and society concerned.He is a well qualified teacher, Good Guide, Leader and skill developer possessing knowledge of Science, environmental Science, economics as well as English &Hindi languages. He has substantial experience in the teaching field along with the degrees, experimental , environmental and knowledge with economical aspects.He has plentiful research publications to mould his leadership qualities to nourish the growth of the students. He is a man of principles. As soon as he joined the school, he started his journey to enrich the quality of education through a continuous improvement policy. School is free from all the devastating cultures like racism, prejudice, discrimination and antagonism.He monitor teaching regularly. He has the calibre to boost the morality of the students so they perform exceptionally well. He always takes round to the classrooms, laboratory and playground to understand the basic needs of the students and to get rid of the bottlenecks. Dr. Anurag Mishra is from a chemistry background and he loves to acquaint the application of it. He loves Chemistry and Chemicals as well. Chemicals are just a matter of fun for him but he never forgets the hazardous effect of it. He sometimes inspects the ailment of personal protective equipment and audits of Fire extinguishers as well integrity of apparatus used in the laboratory. Along with their students, he manages to guide the teachers as well. Even though there is a shortage of manpower in terms of teaching faculty and requisition of the same has been given to higher authorities he manages to provide the quality education in terms of online and offline classes. During the Covid period when the whole world was suffering from it, he was there to deliver the best output of teachers to build an atmosphere to provide online lectures to the students who were not allowed to come to school due to Government guidelines. Despite all this, students of the Shri Indra Bahadur Singh National Inter did well in the Boards exam and are ready to serve the nation. Dr. Anurag Mishra personally meets the students who are participating in the various competitive exams, extempore and awareness programs to guide them to perform them well. Whenever there are any schemes launched by the government, he is the first one to implement them in his school. He is keen to provide the best atmosphere to students so that they get the best facilities to learn. He has developed the best communication strategy between school and students so no student goes unnoticed. In the extremely rare situation, he can communicate every single student particularly.

About teachers and their activities Teachers are the heart of the institute and this line clearly demonstrates the significance of teachers. They are the one who truly understands the capability of the students and they do everything to go to their level so they can also learn. In the old mythology, Teachers are placed above the god because they tell us about everything and no one can deny this. Teachers of Shri Indra Bahadur Singh national inter college, bhadohi are the best teaching personnel in the bhadohi District. They are experts to resolve the queries and ambiguities of the students so that they can think straight forward to achieve their objectives. They are willing to bestow the best quality education to the students. Along with teaching they also work to develop the personality of students so they can encounter further challenges effortlessly. Teachers of the school also work hard to implement the numerous schemes of the government so that every single student gets benefited. Iron tablets distribution, Massive Covid 19 vaccination drive, Plantation of the trees, Poster making challenge and Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsava are some of the programs, teachers attained successfully. Their focus of vision is pretty much clear and they do not think about the problems and fewer numbers them but they deliver their best to withstand the unfavourable situation. Teachers of SIBSNIC also teaches their students Games,co-curricular activities, Scout, NCC, Environmental and climate change activities and competition along with their regular subject for all-round development30

Student's activities and facilities privided Shri Indra Bahadur Singh National Inter college is the top facility provider aided Intermediate college as well as the largest campus holding school with the most qualified teaching faculty in Bhadohi District of UPState. Various running courses i.e Science,Arts, Commerce as well as Vocational education holding Printing, Shorthand &Typing and various co-curricular activities are offered to the students to enhance their abilities,capabilities and of students with personality development, skill development, leadership ability, and moral education. The most beautiful thing about the strength of the students is the mentorship programme conducted time to time and it is working to boost the ability of students to make the right decisions in various aspects of life. The best example of this atmospheric culture and environmental education reveal the best achievements of students to get placed at topmost positions in the best organizations across the country and later abroad NCC, SHORTHAND,&Typing as well PRINTING subjects are very fruitful and job oriented. SCIENCE up to Intermediate and COMPUTER SCIENCE upto High School level inculcate in students to caliberise them to tackle in odd situations of life. Other regular subjects are being taught by adequately well qualified teachers. Students of Shri Indra Bahadur Singh National Inter College are actively participating in the various programmes, other activities e.g. group discussions, extempore, painting competition, writing and verbal,debates competition along with other co-curricular activities organised at inter school, inter District, state and national levels. NCC is conducted in two divisions i.e. Junior division and the Senior division in this college to inculcate love regarding nation in students. Teachers of both divisions correlate with Army officials to conduct regular Parade, Camp and training. Nick still, Fire fighting, First Aid training, EMERGENCY RESPONCE and use of various fire extinguishers to stop the propagation of Fire. Computer facilities with wifi lead to open the doors of the world of information. There are an adequate number of computers are there and the teachers meagre in number but they are always ready to give their best so that every child can learn the things he wishes to. There is a common Hall to gather all students in one place to propagate the information notices and news regarding exams, competitions or scholarships. There is also a temple of Maa Saraswati at the entrance of the school, students love to go there for their mental peace and to get the fragrances of Transcendentalism. The school is fully equipped with basic amenities so no student deviates from his Goal to learn and get succeed. Cycle stand, drinking water facility, large playground, well-equipped laboratories and high-resolution cameras all across the premises are some of them. School abides and adheres to the schemes and programs run by the state government so all students get benefitted from it. Large Vaccination drive for Covid-19, Mid Day Meal, Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsava as well various Awareness programs like Communicable disease and Voting rights etc.